Android – Next Generation Platform in The Mobile World

Mobile apps have gained a definite boost in the past couple of years now, and the global IT industry is taking full advantage of the idea that more and more users like to use the systems on the maneuver. Be it social media platforms, standalone tools like convertors and calculators, to-do and checklists, games, cartoons, there is something in store for everyone.

Android came into current market and today with its huge popularity and much better choices on the hardware experiences for the device users have made the globe go mobile for everything one can think off related to a personal pc. Android from Google, have spread getting a trend wave catching up on the global market share very rapidly each morning. It has been truly termed as a next generation mobile platform, the popularity and easy synchronization with the free Google account allows even basic not so technical users to be that may choose the apps from marketplace where they have a big number of free apps for almost every category and domain.

The Linux based Android’s SDK which is Java based, allows the existing Java developers to quickly and very effectively move into Android App Development, helping the development companies not be concerned about much about the resourcing and training expenses along with. Along with being open source, anyone can get hold of the SDK to start building his/her own app.

Publishing of click here on the Google Play (earlier known as Google Marketplace) has a vital role in the availability of the apps as well, very simple and simple manage interface allows novice users to also verify the help notes and allow the content like keywords, category etc. which then is most effective on SEO for the additional people searching for the app. Even distribution of the apps can be simply done as a to.apk file which take the popularity to a much different level taking across the complexities and procedures imposed by Apple for iOS devices.

With C2DM services the Apple’s push notifications can also something Android has addressed very effectively and with much more easy to implement steps. Android’s latest upcoming version 4.1 (named as Jelly Bean) will address some enhancements, bug-fixes etc required for the unified tablet and smartphones OS. With all those continuous upgrades and enhancements the popularity has helped the hardware manufacturer’s for that Android based OS devices which are now selling close to a million devices purchases each twenty-four hours.

Android today supports various graphics library allowing the developers to use the 2D and 3D graphics for the development, the storage is majorly done using SQLite database will be again very light weight and free to use, with connectivity on multiple networks and wifi / Bluetooth, along with messaging services and support for multiple language, webkit browser, several media file types support including stream media support along with multi-touch and multitasking feature will make the platform a point of attraction.

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